Ria* is inspired by the ability yoga has to create a safe space for individual experience, community, and growth alongside its gentle insistence that through tending to practice, in whatever form it takes, the path reveals itself moment by moment.

Ria has been formally practicing yoga for over a decade, graduating from Prairie Yoga Institute in both 2015 (200-hour training) and 2019 (500-hour training). She teaches a variety of somatic and classical yoga movement. 

Guided by the experience that each of us has the innate ability to restore, explore, and transform, Ria intentionally and creatively challenges the mind and body to reveal perceived boundaries and draw forth a response of courage, compassion, and "a ha!" moments. Through precision and alignment intermingled with breath, mantra, metaphor, and imagery, she seeks to improve her students' skill and encourage curiosity. Her goal is that time spent on the mat will manifest in a deep and lasting experience of interconnection that leads to inspired action, lasting transformation, and peace. 


To deepen her own understanding and practice of yoga and continue her growth as a teacher, Ria is studying with Tias Little and has completed  SATYA Training and Certification through Prajna Yoga. She continues to take Advanced SATYA Immersion Courses. 

Ria has recently joined Ottawa County Parks as an Outdoor Educator and can be found wandering the woods, nature journal and binoculars in hand, exploring the complexity and wonder that surrounds us.

*I've decided to go by a variation of my childhood nickname, Ria. You'll see this reflected here, my blog, and FB page. That said, legally I'm still Tina and will answer to it as well. 





The Sanskrit word bhāvana (spoken: bah-vuh-nah) can be translated as "to cultivate or develop". 

Yoga, at it's most basic, offer's an entry point into the highly connected, complex world of you and your experience as a human in relationship with all else that is. Yoga then provides a meandering yet intentional path: practice.

Bhavana Yoga is the attentive combination of meditation (in Sanskrit called dhyāna), postures (āsana), breathing techniques (prānāyāma), and sound (often through mantra). Rather than rushing through a series of poses in order to placate our inner pusher, we tend to our bodies and beings with intention, compassion, and the willingness to surrender speed in order to touch the true wonder of being human: who we are, as we are, in this moment -  awake and fully alive

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Curious about what yoga is? Maybe a little scared to try? You're not alone. Check out Ria's blog post where she writes about her own journey from fear to embrace and breaks down the details of yoga, where it came from, and why it's so often misunderstood. You can also find a post on how to meditate.